Is Rhinoplasty Safe or Not? 2 Important Facts


Is Rhinoplasty Safe? Surgical rhinoplasty is becoming more and more common for nose reshaping. If you’re thinking about getting the procedure done, you’re probably curious about the potential complications that could arise.

How Safe Is Rhinoplasty? Both the anesthetic and the operation itself contribute to the overall procedure safety. Any surgery that requires general anesthesia carries some risk, and rhinoplasty is no exception.

This is why having a specialist present before, during, and after surgery is crucial to ensuring the safety of the anesthetic. The patient will be able to make a well-informed decision about whether or not to undergo surgery after the anesthetist has determined whether or not there are any allergies and discussed the likelihood of any complications in each case.

Understanding the potential dangers of rhinoplasty surgery is important, but so is putting those dangers in perspective. According to research published in The Aesthetic Surgery Journal, the incidence of complications is 0.7%. So, is nose job worth it? Of course. We’ll discuss it further.

is rhinoplasty safe or not

How does it perform, exactly? Is Rhinoplasty Safe?

It is possible to have a Non-Surgical Nose Job as an outpatient procedure. The process begins with a discussion between you and your surgeon about your current health status, the potential benefits and drawbacks of the procedure, and its potential consequences.

Once this is settled, you and your cosmetic surgeon must discuss the best method for altering your nose’s appearance. Once this is done, the time and location will be set in stone. Local or general anesthesia will be administered on the day of surgery to sedate and numb your nose so that you do not feel any pain from the incisions or subsequent procedures.

After determining what changes, you want to make to your nose, the surgeon will make incisions inside your nostrils or across the bridge of your nose to access the underlying bone and cartilage. For Male Rhinoplasty, the process is the same.

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What are the risks associated with Rhinoplasty? Is Rhinoplasty Safe?


Is Rhinoplasty worth the risk? Is rhinoplasty safe? Absolutely. Choosing to undergo plastic surgery is a deeply personal decision. Consider the potential risks and complications of Nose Job in Toronto and whether or not you feel they are reasonable given the benefits.

Your plastic surgeon and their staff will discuss all potential complications with you. You will be asked to sign a form of consent to ensure you are comfortable with the procedure and its potential risks and complications. However, there are also potential dangers associated with rhinoplasty surgery.

  • Potential side effects of anesthesia
  • Altered skin sensation (numbness or pain)
  • Breathing problems
  • Infection
  • Scarring or delayed wound healing.
  • Option for Future Surgery
  • Symptoms include discoloration and swelling of the skin.
  • Poor nasal aesthetics.

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Two important facts about Rhinoplasty

Now that you know all about whether rhinoplasty is safe or not, let’s take a look at these two interesting facts:

  1. The focus is on improving both the nose’s aesthetics and functionality: Many people choose to have rhinoplasty done because they believe it will help them look better, but the procedure also has the added benefit of making their noses more functional. Therefore, the procedure should be carefully planned and carried out by a plastic surgeon with an eye on the nose’s aesthetics and functionality.
    Nose bumps and dips on the bridge can be smoothed out, and the tip of the nose can be moved and reshaped, among other cosmetic concerns, with a Rhinoplasty procedure. Insufferable breathing and nocturnal snoring are two symptoms of a deviated septum. Nasal obstruction, nasal polyps, and an enlarged turbinate are all structural issues. To improve nasal airflow, rhinoplasty is performed alongside aesthetic enhancements. Rhinoplasty consultations typically involve in-depth discussions of both aesthetics and function.
  2. Rhinoplasty can be tailored to each individual’s needs: To get the most out of your rhinoplasty, you should have a clear vision of the nose you want before starting the process. Your surgeon can modify a rhinoplasty to suit your needs and preferences better.
    While it’s understandable that you might want to give yourself a nose job to make it look like someone else’s, remember that even if a given nose shape works wonderfully for another person, it doesn’t automatically translate to your face. Therefore, you must seek the advice of a qualified cosmetic surgeon with a proven track record and listen to your doctor’s recommendations, who is an expert in the field.

If you have more questions regarding whether rhinoplasty is safe or not, call us now for a consultation on Rhinoplasty in Toronto to ask from Grand Genesis Plastic Surgery’s surgeons.


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