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Surgery may not be the only option to reshape the nose and achieve your goals.  Find out if a non-surgical rhinoplasty using fillers is right for you. Nose Job in Torono | Grand Genesis Plastic Surgery

How to change the appearance of the nose with a method other than surgery?

One of the methods that are considered by cosmetologists today is the injection of filler or gel. Until now, filler injections have been used for under the eyes, cheeks, lips, and other parts of the face, and for some time now, this injection has also been used to beautify the nose. Before filler nose job injections, the only way to correct nasal defects was to perform surgery, a difficult procedure lasting several hours.

In this article, we want to talk to you dear companions about the nasal filler nose job and provide you with complete information about its benefits and side effects. If your nose has small imperfections such as a slight arch, you can use the filler method. But you should note that this method can have side effects and is a completely temporary method and depending on the materials used, it can last from 6 months to a year.

How is a filler nose job done?

Filler nose job steps:

To perform a filler nose job, the patient is first examined and consulted by a cosmetologist and his or her nasal defects are identified. The patient can not expect that all nasal defects can be corrected with a filler nose job. So, first, the patient should determine his expectations from this non-invasive operation, and the specialist doctor should give him the necessary explanations.

If the filler nose job is agreed, the patient’s nasal area and around the nose is anesthetized by injection of anesthetic or topical creams.

A filler solution, the type of which has already been coordinated with the patient, is prepared by a specialist. The types of fillers available in the market are different and more durability does not indicate that the type of gel is better. Regarding the choice of gel types, such as price and its effectiveness should be checked by the patient and the specialist.

The filler is then injected with a special, very fine needle into the marked areas of the nose marked by the specialist.

After injecting the filler, the specialist gives the desired shape to the nose with specific messages so that the material is evenly placed in the areas intended by the specialist. The nasal filler shows its effects at the same time.

Since rhinoplasty in Ontario is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in Toronto, the filler nose job has quickly received a lot of attention. The main ingredient of the injection is hyaluronic acid, which is absorbed by the body after a while and its effect disappears.

Filler Nose Job Injection

What defects in the nose can be changed by the filler?

  • Eliminate nasal arch
  • A small dimple or depression on the nose
  • Straighten the bridge of the nose
  • Remove the sagging tip of the nosebenefits of filler nose job

What are the benefits of a filler nose job?

No need for surgery: The most important advantage that can be considered for the filler compared to surgical rhinoplasty is that it does not require surgery and general anesthesia. Fillers stimulate collagen production and absorb more water. Small nose problems can be fixed in a short time and no need to undergo a few hours of operation.

No need for hospitalization and rest: In rhinoplasty, which is a surgery lasting several hours, the recovery period may take up to 1 month. But in the filler nose job, there is no recovery period and the patient can immediately resume his daily activities.

Reshaping occurs rapidly: The filler, or gel injection, has an immediate effect, but in Surgical Rhinoplasty practice, it takes about a month for the swelling to go away and the appearance of the nose can be defined.

Filler injection is temporary: being temporary can also be an advantage. A filler nose job can be considered a surgery test, and if one is satisfied with the result, he/she can undergo surgical rhinoplasty. The nose job filler is a temporary condition and disappears after a few months, so if you are not satisfied with the new nose, you can return to the original condition after a while or try something else for it.

Filler nose job cost: If a nose doesn’t need substantial change, a filler nose job is appropriate. But if a nose has a lot of problems requiring multiple injections of a lot of gel to correct them, surgery can be more cost-effective. Therefore, it is better to consult a specialist to choose the best one.


Which celebrities have done a filler nose job?

In the article “Which celebrities have had the best nose job? before after photos”, we mentioned this fact that almost all of the celebrities deny having any nose job. But a simple comparison between their photos of previous years and now shows us the fact.

If somebody searches these words:

“Blake Lively nose job”, “Jennifer Aniston nose job”, “Ariana Grande nose job”, “Jennifer Grey nose job”, “Jennifer Aniston nose”, “Lea Michele nose job”. What will he/she find is this:

Blake Lively nose job” There is nothing. We can just compare the photos of her to understand the changes that have happened in her face.

“Ariana Grande nose job”  “hayyy this my birth nose what if did I log onto today lemme have a cute nose damn”

“Jennifer Grey nose job”, People do not like the new face of her!

 “Jennifer Aniston nose job”, “I could not breathe well while I slept,” she said, criticizing her fans for her cosmetic surgery. Oxygen did not pass through my nose properly. “That’s why I had to give myself a razor.” 

 “Lea Michele nose job” “Lea Michele Likes Her Big Nose”

Maybe they have done filler nose job (shaping nose), and then they told their fans “I didn’t do any rhinoplasty”. So they haven’t hidden anything, they just didn’t talk about “filler nose job” and the nonsurgical shaping nose method they have used. 


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