What is Guy Lift Surgery?

Guy lift surgery is a plastic surgery procedure that aims to make the skin under the chin and neck area of MEN more stretched, mainly when the skin elasticity has decreased. 

In this operation, the extra skin and fat are taken from the neck, which in turn results in the removal of neck wrinkles and will make the skin smooth. We can say that guy lift surgery is performed to eradicate the signs of aging in the lower part of the face, and most of the time, it will be considered part of facelift surgery.

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Guy Lift Surgery Done by Following Surgeons:

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Price & Cost

Price range: $10,000. Our surgeon can give you an exact estimate of the cost after examination & talking with you.

Who is a Good Candidate?

You are a good candidate for Guy lift surgery if:

  • •You have no kinds of physical issues.
  • •Your skin is loose in the middle of the face and the edge of the mandible bone.
  • •You have deep wrinkles from the nose to the corners of the mouth. (Nasolabial folds)
  • •You have skin lines that are formed from the corners of the mouth down to the chin. (Marionette Lines)
  • •Your fat tissue and facial volume have decreased and shifted downwards.
  • •You have loose skin, and the accumulation of extra fat under the chin and lower jaw causes wrinkle formation.
  • •Your neck skin is loose and wrinkled.

The Procedure

Due to the duration of the operation and the patient’s comfort, Guy lift surgery is done under complete anesthesia so that the patient doesn’t feel any pain. During the surgery, incisions are made in the chin and neck and extend to near the jaws. The fat under the neck and chin is extracted, and finally, the cuts are sewn with absorbable surgical sutures, and practically the doctor does his or her best to put sutures area at hidden places of neck and jaw.


Preliminary results after a neck lift can be seen after a few weeks. Be careful not to smoke while recovering. This period depends on several factors that are different for each patient. You may feel some pain and discomfort in the first few days after surgery. Slight swelling and bruising are unavoidable and take several days to be gone entirely. The bandages (dressing) will be removed one to two days after the surgery.

In some cases, drainage tubes are placed at the operation site to drain the collected fluid, and you can remove them after the first or second day. Use ice compress to improve swelling and inflammation in the neck area. It is recommended to use light foods up to one day after the lift operation. Wait two days for the wound to close, then you can bathe and wash the wound. Avoid complex exercises or lifting heavy objects for several weeks.

Possible Complications

  • Swelling and bleeding in the first week after the lift is entirely average. Use the medication prescribed by your doctor so that this period passes quickly.
  • Burning and redness can occur in the operated area, and they disappear after a few days.
  • Like any surgery, a lift can cause an infection. The percentage of infection in the neck lift is meager, and if you follow the health recommendations, this will not happen to you.
  • Slight side effects from anesthesia such as dizziness and headache are totally normal and go away after a few hours.