A patient’s underlying anatomy, the location and amount of extra skin, and even their clothing choices all play a role in determining the best types of abdominoplasty. The most popular belly tuck procedures are described in the following article. Keep reading to find out more about types of tummy tucks and types of tummy tuck incisions.

The most popular types of abdominoplasty

Wondering how many different kinds of tummy tucks are there? Well, there are more than twenty different types of abdominoplasty, but here are the most popular ones.

  1. The Full Abdominoplasty

Among types of abdominoplasty, Tummy tuck, and lipo abdominoplasty are standard shorthand terms for the same procedure, which involves removing excess fat from the abdominal area. In terms of frequency, this is by far the most popular method of modifying the appearance of one’s stomach and is one of the best Abdominoplasty in Ontario techniques. It’s the pinnacle of body-altering treatments in the eyes of many patients.

A full tummy tuck may be your best bet for achieving a flat and firm stomach if you have extra abdominal fat, lax abdominal muscles, or both. Two to four inches of excess skin and fat can be removed during a comprehensive stomach tuck treatment. The term “complete bikini line incision” describes an incision that extends from one hip bone to the other. The surgeon will strive to remove any excess fat and skin from the lower part abdomen and may also perform liposuction on the upper abdomen. At last, the core muscles are restored and strengthened.

No Drain Abdominoplasty

The “no drain tummy tuck” is a popular variant of this surgery. By using specific internal sutures, a surgeon can prevent the need for drainage tubes following surgery.

  1. Mini- and Partial types of abdominoplasty

Mini Abdominoplasty

Among types of abdominoplasty, Mini tummy tuck procedures are appropriate for patients with firm skin and muscle in the upper abdomen region. Issues are localized in the lower abdomen and may consist of slack skin and a concentration of fat below the belly button. The tiny tummy tuck only requires a four- to eight-inch incision along the bikini line.

With the cut, the surgeon can remove a small amount of extra skin and, using liposuction, get rid of localized areas of fat. The muscles in the lower abdomen may be contracted in specific circumstances. A little stomach tuck may be the best option for some people seeking a belly tuck, but this is still a relatively small subset of the total population.

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Limited Abdominoplasty

The difference between a tiny stomach tuck and a limited tummy tuck is that the latter requires a lengthier incision. Suitable candidates for this procedure often have tight skin in the lower abdomen and strong abdominal muscles.

  1. More Extreme Abdominal Contouring types of abdominoplasty

Extended Abdominoplasty

Among types of abdominoplasty, in some cases, doctors will use the term “fleur-de-lis abdominoplasty” to describe the extended tummy tuck. This course of treatment may be indicated for individuals with extra skin throughout the entire belly and trunk, particularly if they have difficulty spots in the upper abdomen, lower chest, and back.

The surgeon makes a horizontal incision along the bikini line, just like in a traditional stomach tuck procedure. Further removal of excessive skin from the stomach, chest, and back will be accomplished with the help of a complete vertical midline incision.


Among types of abdominoplasty, patients with significant quantities of excess skin in the abdominal and trunk areas, especially in the lateral trunk and flank regions, often benefit from a flankplasty procedure.

A single incision is made at the lower part of the patient’s torso, just like in a traditional stomach tuck. Flankplasty surgery, on the other hand, requires a much more extensive incision that wraps three-quarters of the way around the lower abdomen. Patients with drooping hips and bellies can benefit significantly from a flankplasty procedure.

Liposuction Around the Waist Belt

Patients with excessive fat all over their bodies, including the belly, back, hips, and thighs, may benefit from a belt lipectomy. Patients who have lost a lot of weight or have generalized skin laxity often benefit from a belt lipectomy, which is why it is considered a “workhorse” surgery.

Though it achieves similar results to a traditional tummy tuck, this technique requires a much more extensive incision that wraps over the patient’s hips and buttocks. A “belt” of excess fat and skin around the patient’s lower trunk is the target of the surgeon’s efforts. You may benefit from this procedure if you have a lot of loose skin around your midsection, sides, and thighs.

Extended Belt Lipectomy

Among types of abdominoplasty, adding a vertical midline incision to a standard belt lipectomy creates the extended belt lipectomy. This permits doctors to tighten the skin on the upper abdomen and generate more significant improvements to the lower trunk and belly. Those who have lost considerable weight and have excess skin covering much of their body may benefit from this procedure.

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  1. Reverse Abdominoplasty

Among types of abdominoplasty, it is not uncommon for people to have a toned lower abdomen and persistent skin excess on the upper abdomen. These people can be good candidates for a reverse tummy tuck, which tightens the skin across the upper abdominal area. An incision can remove excess skin and fat in the upper body at the bra line. A breast lift and a reverse stomach tuck are two standard surgical procedures.

What types of abdominoplasty are best for you?

What type of tummy tuck do I need? Patients seeking a stomach tuck want the same thing: to look better after the procedure with as little downtime and scarring as possible. It’s essential to pick the suitable operation so that the patient recovers quickly and comfortably. Consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon is necessary to determine which stomach tuck method will best serve your needs. Contact us now to schedule a  Tummy tuck in Toronto consultation with a plastic surgeon to discuss your aesthetic goals and determine which stomach tuck operation is proper for you.

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