Factors Affecting Rhinoplasty Price (Nose Job Cost)

What factors determine the cost of a rhinoplasty? Every rhinoplasty is unique and tailored to meet the goals of each individual patient. The complexity, time required, and techniques used are a few of a number of factors that are taken into account when determining the cost of your custom rhinoplasty.

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Factors affecting nose job cost?

Usually, the first thing that comes to the mind of a person who decides to have rhinoplasty is the cost of rhinoplasty. You’ve probably heard of the high and low cost of surgery. The question is, what factors affect the nose job cost? And what is a reasonable price?

For some people, the nose job cost is very high and impressive and they want to do rhinoplasty with the least amount of money. However, since the nose is very effective in the appearance of the person, it is recommended to be very careful in performing this operation and choosing a good surgeon. Surgeons doing rhinoplasty at Grand Genesis Plastic Surgery Toronto are experienced Plastic or ENT surgeons. For checking out their history of surgeries, please book a consultation session.

What is a Reasonable Rhinoplasty Price

Various factors affect the nose job price, as follows:

  Surgeon experience

Nose job costs vary according to the surgeon’s experience and skills because a surgeon who has had rhinoplasty for several years is fully aware of the challenges of the operation and will receive more. We recommend you read “the best rhinoplasty surgeon characteristics” to learn more and to be able to distinguish a good rhinoplasty surgeon.

Type of nose

People’s noses play an important role in determining the price of rhinoplasty for their nose shaping. People with fleshy or cartilaginous noses usually pay more for rhinoplasty. But the nose job cost for narrowing the nose is usually a little lower. Also, re-rhinoplasty (Revision Rhinoplasty) is usually more expensive than the first operation if performed by another surgeon (other than the first surgeon).

Geographical region

Like other services, the nose job price varies depending on the geographical area. For example, the nose job cost in Toronto is not comparable to small cities. Of course, it is important to note that more experienced rhinoplasty surgeons live in larger cities due to the available facilities.

Is less costly rhinoplasty worth it?

Less costly (cheap) rhinoplasty can have many causes. Surgical residents who have just started rhinoplasty perform rhinoplasty at a very low cost in hospitals to gain experience for nose shaping. But the important point is that these surgeons certainly do not have the experience of facing challenges during the operation and have not operated on similar noses, so performing surgery by these surgeons can be a high risk.

Another reason for cheap rhinoplasty is to perform multiple surgeries in one day. Some cosmetic surgeons perform several rhinoplasties in a day, which reduces the rate of these surgeons, and certainly reduces the accuracy and focus of the surgery as well.

Fleshy nose cosmetic surgery Cost

In fleshy noses with thick skin, the surgical process becomes a little more complicated and sensitive. It is very difficult to detect nasal changes in fleshy noses because sharp lines and angles do not show well under a thick cover. Therefore, due to the difficulty of this type of rhinoplasty, the cost is usually higher than other types of rhinoplasty. The nose job price in 2020 varies between 7000$ and 12000$, but again, there may be lower and higher prices.


Laser Rhinoplasty Cost

Lasers have many uses in various fields of medicine, but in rhinoplasty, the use of lasers does not make sense. The use of lasers in the removal of nasal humps or deviation of the nose and even the drooping of the tip of the nose has no place.  

Revision Rhinoplasty Cost

Some people are dissatisfied with their breathing or the appearance of their nose after the first rhinoplasty and decide to have a second rhinoplasty or revision surgery. A candidate for revision rhinoplasty must be in perfect mental health because some people decide to have surgery again because of obsessions. The process of this surgery is more difficult than the initial surgery and therefore has a higher cost.


There are many types of revision surgery, from simple bone removal surgery to major changes in the appearance of a person’s nose. Noses that are extremely small or severely deformed require a cartilage transplant from the ear or ribs, which is definitely more expensive than other surgeries.


Non Surgical Nose Job Cost

Non Surgical Nose Job Cost in Toronto begins from 1000$. As we mentioned in related posts, not all patients are good candidates for this method. One of the other advantages of the nonsurgical nose job is its lower cost rather than the rhinoplasty. Of course, this method needs a highly qualified surgeon to achieve the best results. Since the nose is very effective in the appearance of the person, it is recommended to be very careful in performing this operation and choosing a surgeon.

If you live in Toronto and you would like to check the cost of Rhinoplasty in Toronto, you can check out all kinds of nose job costs at Grand Genesis Plastic Surgery Toronto here.

Payment of rhinoplasty by insurance

Insurance companies rarely pay for rhinoplasty. So if you want to do a cosmetic operation to beautify and enhance the harmony of your face, you have to pay all costs yourself.


Some insurance companies pay part of the nose job cost due to deviations or fractures and respiratory problems, but proving these factors to insurance companies is difficult and sometimes impossible.


Nose job Cost before and after the operation

Before rhinoplasty

The costs to pay before having a nose job are as follows:

1) The nose job price consultation (some doctors receive a fee for consultation).

2) Blood test (OHIP Covered)

3) Atelier photo (some doctors take photos of the applicant in the office and there is no need for this cost any more)

4) CT scan (in case of nasal deviation and other problems) (OHIP Covered)


After rhinoplasty

After rhinoplasty, there is no charge unless the doctor receives a separate fee for the re-visit and the dressing change.


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