Brazilian Buttock Lift (BBL) in Richmond Hill

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What is the Brazilian Buttock Lift (BBL)?

The Brazilian Butt Lift – BBL (Autologous fat transfer) is an advanced form of fat grafting to Increase fullness, roundness, and projection of your butt or buttocks. It involves the transfer of fat from one area of the body into the tissues of the buttocks. It is often the preferred method of Buttock augmentation since it uses body’s own tissues rather than a foreign silicone implant. For a smooth, natural-looking result fat injections are placed strategically deep within the tissues of the buttocks.

Why Grand Genesis?

  • Largest Private Plastic Surgery Centre in Ontario, fully equipped state of the art facility located in Richmond Hill, efficient and user friendly,, but more economical than downtown luxury mini clinics

  • 2 Fully Equipped Operating Rooms – 15 Recovery Beds for Overnight Stays

  • 15 Plastic Surgeons (Guest & In house) – 30 Nurses

  • VERY SHORT waiting times for Consult & Surgery

Brazilian Buttock Lift (BBL) Surgery Done by Following Surgeon:

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Price & Cost

Price range: $10,000-17,000. Depending on the extent of surgery. Our surgeon can give you an exact estimate of the cost after examination & talking with you.

Who is a good candidate?

• Your buttocks are too small for your body frame or they have lost their shape due to pregnancy, weight loss, and aging
• Diet and exercise have not improved your body shape balance
• Your weight loss has been stabilized
• You have areas of fat in your body that can be used as donor sites
• You are otherwise healthy and do not have a serious illness or medical condition that may impair the healing
• You are a Non-smoker or can abstain from smoking for at least three weeks before and after the surgery
• You have a positive outlook, with a clear and realistic vision of what you want the procedure do for you
If you are relatively skinny and don’t have extra fatty tissue to be transferred, you may better benefit from gluteal implant surgery.

The Procedure

The Brazilian Buttock lift is performed in two steps. First, the extra body fat is collected from the donor site with Liposuction techniques using a hollow tube and vacuum through a tiny incision (1-2 cm) close to the area. Typically targeted fat cells are infused with a saline solution containing a local anesthetic and adrenalin to decrease blood loss and to assist in separating the fat cells. More recent techniques utilize the energy of Laser, ultrasound or radiofrequency to dissolve fat before it is removed.

At Grand Genesis, we offer both techniques depending on your unique case and your surgeon’s preference.
Next, the fat is processed for fat transfer. Using special cannula and syringes your surgeon re-injects the processed fat back into your buttocks. The injection is usually done through 3 or more incisions. The processed fat is infused in multiple layers of the tissue for a smooth result.
The procedure is done under intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. The choice depends on your general health and your doctor’s discretion. It usually takes two to three hours to complete.


After the surgery drainage tubes are placed over the liposuction and injection incisions. You may be given a compression garment to wear for 6-8 weeks. This garment facilitates reshaping of both your buttock area and the donor site.
You should limit sitting as much as possible and lie face down for the first 3-7 days. You may return to work after this time. However, direct pressure must be kept off the buttocks for at least eight weeks. You may sit using a soft pillow beneath your hamstring muscles. You can use a doughnut-shaped pillow when you have to sit for a long period of time. You may resume light exercise and other normal activities two weeks after the surgery.
The surgery site will be painful the first few days but the pain is manageable with painkillers. Bruises and swellings will disappear after 2-6 months.

Possible complications

Like any other surgical procedure, though infrequent, complications may include Fluid retention or excessive loss of blood and fluids, infection, reaction to anesthesia medications, pigmentation changes (hypo/hyper), irregularities of the skin surface (compression garments are worn for the first several weeks after surgery reduce this risk), skin numbness – this is to be expected and is usually only temporary.

It is important to remember that after any fat grafting procedure some of the injected fat is absorbed by the body. The rate of absorption is about 40%. Your surgeon may initially inject more fat into the buttock to allow for the later absorption of the fat. But it is difficult to predict the pattern of fat absorption and the final result of the procedure. Therefore sometimes there may be a need for touch-ups after the procedure.

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