Which Celebrities have had the Best Nose Job? Before-After Photos

Celebrities who have had the best nose job. See the before-after photos of some of them. Rhinoplasty | Grand Genesis Plastic Surgery | Toronto


Which celebrities have had nose surgery?

Celebrities usually do not talk about their beauty practices and claim that they owe their beauty and youth to their healthy lifestyle. In the meantime, there have been famous women who have not hidden that they have undergone cosmetic surgeries and complex surgeries to have a younger appearance.

Normal people also like their beauty to look natural, even if it is achieved by plastic surgery. They do not like to talk about their cosmetic surgery, which is why the best nose job surgeries in the eyes of most people are surgeries that are not recognizable. Surgeons of celebrities who can deny their nose job and say that their nose job is a rumor are the best surgeons in people’s opinion.


Ariana Grande nose job

There are many rumors about Ariana Grande’s nose job. But what is obvious is that she told her fans on twitter: “hayyy this my birth nose what tf did I log onto today lemme have a cute nose damn”. It is the question, how could the shape of the nose change during life? That everybody thought that is a nose job. And another question is why celebrities don’t like to talk about their beauty surgeries? 

Whatever, we respect Ariana Grande and trust her. If she did any nose job, it was done by one of the best rhinoplasty surgeons because it is so good that nobody could say Ariana Grande nose job is not a rumor. 


Blake Lively nose job 

 Blake Lively’s nose job, one of the stars who has changed her face a lot with her nose operation is Blake Lively. Of course, she never talked about this surgery, but by comparing the photos of her previous years with the present, we feel the difference ourselves. There are many people who want to know who is Blake Lively plastic surgeon?  Because they have a nose just like her previous nose, and now they think only Blake Lively plastic surgeon would be able to transform them to Blake Lively!


Jennifer Aniston nose job

 Jennifer Aniston nose job, we do not remember the real shape of the nose of the star of the popular series “Friends”, Jennifer Aniston, because she operated on her nose since she was a high school girl. Of course, a few years later, she had to change her nose again because she was not satisfied with the result. “I could not breathe well while I slept,” she said, criticizing her fans for her cosmetic surgery. Oxygen did not pass through my nose properly. “That’s why I had to give myself a razor.” Jennifer is not ashamed to talk about her nose job. Not only herself but also most of her fans are satisfied with this change and believe that she found a more attractive face.


Jennifer Grey nose job


Jennifer Grey nose job was not what she expected.  Her slightly large, long nose was a unique feature of her body, such as Julia Roberts’ lips or David Letterman’s teeth. But the star thought differently and decided to get rid of that very annoying nose and complete her nose according to all criteria while losing her previous appearance. Because people liked her previous face!


Lea Michele nose job

Rumors were told that Lea Michele might have had a rhinoplasty or nose job. If you look at her photos and compare one to another, you might see the traces of nose job, for there was a significant transformation on it. Her nose used to have a bulbous tip and looked wider, but years later it has a smaller tip and looks narrower. Judging from this change, the changes on her nose might be the final result of the nose job. However, she didn’t admit or make a refutation of the rumor. So let us put an argument, which is going to assume there is the truth behind such rumor: Lea Michele has had a nose job. With some pictures that emerged to the public, each shows changes on her nose. We should not trust her too much. But on many other websites, we read “Lea Michele Likes Her Big Nose” and has never had any rhinoplasty! There is no reliable news about Lea Michele nose job! 

If she did any nose job, it was done by one of the best nose job surgeons because it is so good that nobody could say Lea Michele nose job is not a rumor. 

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