What Are the Changes in the Shape of the  Nose After Rhinoplasty?

Before any rhinoplasty, it is important to have a thorough discussion with your surgeon about your goals and expectations. This includes the desired changes in the shape of the nose, as well as what to expect post-operatively. Rhinoplasty in Toronto | Grand Genesis Plastic Surgery 


If a good rhinoplasty is done on your nose with the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Toronto or anywhere in the world, no matter man (male rhinoplasty) or woman, there will be positive changes on your face. If you trust your surgeon and have realistic expectations of the outcome of the operation, you will end with an attractive-looking nose that aligns with other parts of the face. However, you should be aware of how your nose shape changes over time. These are not negative changes, but changes that occur during your recovery and in the end, a beautiful and new nose appears.


Practical nasal changes over time

After any nose job, changes in the shape & condition of the nose happen. To better understand these changes, the following is a comprehensive article to better understand these changes on the shape of your nose:


Immediately after the nose shaping surgery

You should rest after rhinoplasty. Do not bother to look ahead to see visible changes in the nose. Because at this time, it is difficult to see the shape of the nose with the swelling. Swelling of the nose after surgery is completely normal and is a natural process of healing by the body and is not a cause for concern.


One week after nose shaping surgery

To protect the nose, a protective splint or bandage is used, which is removed after a while and the nose will have a basic shape without a noticeable change. There is some swelling, although the bridge of the nose is more prominent depending on the purpose of the surgery.

Three weeks to three months after nose shaping surgery

Inflammation must have dropped significantly by this time. Now you can notice the changes in your nose. The bridge of the nose is well-formed and its tip is in its new place. For some people, the swelling goes away after three weeks, while for others it can last longer. Changes are minor between three weeks and three months after surgery.

Six months after nose shaping surgery

Six months after the operation is the time when the results of the rhinoplasty show themselves completely. The tip of the nose has a definite shape and the sides and bridge of the nose will be symmetrical with other parts of the face.

Depending on how the body recovers after surgery, it can take up to two years to see the final results. The most important part is that the results of rhinoplasty are permanent. But if you have an accident, have trouble breathing, or notice the effects of aging on your face, secondary rhinoplasty will also be available. This procedure is a rhinoplasty that restores the shape and function of the nose so that the result is the same as the results after the first surgery.

What are the changes in the shape of the nose after a nonsurgical nose job (filler nose job)? 

In the nonsurgical nose job, the rhinoplasty without surgery, you have probably noticed by now that the results are immediately visible during the operation. Because injecting gel into the nose can change the nose. Therefore, when the doctor injects the gel and shapes it, the results will be seen immediately. If you would like to know more about a nonsurgical nose job, you can check “ The nonsurgical nose job cost in Toronto”. In this short article, we review the nonsurgical nose job cost in Toronto, the advantages, disadvantages of this method, and the filler nose job procedures and comparing the nose job price too.

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