About Grand Genesis Plastic Surgery

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Staff of Grand Genesis Plastic Surgery

Grand Genesis Plastic Surgery is the Aesthetic/Cosmetic ward of Grand Genesis Health (GGH). GGH is a multispecialty, outpatient mini-hospital. It was established by a team of dedicated physicians with the idea of comprehensive healthcare in mind. GGH has become a brand new, hospital-grade center of practice for some of the most talented surgeons in the GTA. GGH Center includes:

  • Five Consultation Rooms
  • 2 Minor Operating Rooms
  • 2 Main Operating Rooms
  • 12-Bed General Recovery Area

Spacious main operating rooms with ample natural light allow for ease of movement for the surgical team and a stress-free operating experience. They are equipped with the latest technologies to perform classic cosmetic procedures as well as cutting-edge minimally invasive ultrasound and radiofrequency technic procedures such as Vaser and Thermi.

The minor operating rooms are dedicated to minor cosmetic or reconstructive plastic procedures. The entire operating room suite and recovery area are connected to backup power generators in the event of power outage.

operating room of Grand Genesis Plastic Surgery
operating room

Your Safety Is Our Top Priority!

The facility is routinely inspected to meet and exceed stringent requirements set by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario – CPSO. It is certified by CPSO as a level three outpatient facility. It means that the clinic is licenced to monitor all types of anesthesia including general anesthesia, IV anesthesia, and local anesthesia. This is the highest level of certification possible with the CPSO.

We exclusively work with board-certified. M.D.-anesthesiologists and use cutting edge Anesthesia machines to support the administration of anesthesia 

Hospital Quality Of Care In A More Intimate And Individualized Setting.

Our courteous staff, caring nurses and approachable surgeons go the extra mile to know your unique needs and conditions. 

As part of a multispecialty center, Grand Genesis Cosmetic Surgery Clinic collaborates with a team of specialists to ensure you are fully prepared for a safe procedure. Your Comprehensive pre-operation tests and assessments are done right here in the center. 

Grand Genesis Health facility is complete with a state of the art Central Sterilization Room (CSR). We clean, sterilize and distribute our supplies and equipment in accordance with hospital standards, policies and procedure.

Recovery at Grand Genesis Health

A 12-Bed recovery area is where our patients will spend their recovery process in. Patients are given a locker to store their belongings and a change room to prepare for their procedure. The room is spacious and meticulously clean. Beds are well distanced with wrap around curtains to provide comfort and privacy to the patients. There is an accessible washroom in the area to make the room self-contained.  

After procedures that require sedation patients are automatically admitted into the general recovery. Experienced registered nurses monitor patients during their recovery with individualized care and attention. We serve our patients with light refreshments during their recovery.

Latest technology monitoring equipment and experienced nurses watching and caring the patients provides a smooth and relaxing recovery.  

Care department of Grand Genesis Plastic Surgery
recovery room of Grand Genesis Plastic Surgery