Nose Job in Men | Men’s Expectations of the Final Shape of their Nose

Rhinoplasty surgery in men carries unique challenges. The aesthetic goals differ from those in women and must be kept in mind to achieve a desirable, harmonious result Rhinoplasty | Grand Genesis Plastic Surgery | Toronto

Do I need a male rhinoplasty specialist?

You want to do it right once and for all. Unfortunately, faulty reconstructive surgery is not uncommon, especially if you have not chosen your surgeon carefully. An experienced surgeon uses accurate and appropriate surgical techniques that will address every aspect of the nose. It will also help you recover faster and have fewer recovering problems from rhinoplasty. Even if there is a problem, the male cosmetic surgeon knows how to best control it so that your recovering from the rhinoplasty process goes smoothly and no major problems occur.

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To achieve your desired rhinoplasty result, a thorough discussion of goals and expectations between you and your surgeon is of utmost importance. Appropriate surgeon selection and a clear surgical plan is the key to success. A well-trained and experienced surgeon can help determine the surgical techniques that will address both the aesthetic and functional goals of your unique rhinoplasty. Although challenging, a qualified surgeon can help to maximize an optimal result while minimizing risks by avoiding certain pitfalls. The right rhinoplasty surgeon has your interests in mind before, during, and after your surgery.

nose job in men

Unique goals of a nose job in men especially the Canadian men

 Canadian men are usually looking for stronger and larger noses than women and prefer the rough and prominent appearance. The goal of a nose job in men, to the tip of his nose, is less thin and uphill than the amount that the girls are looking for.

Be sure to choose a surgeon who listens to what you want, not what you want to do with what others want! The best rhinoplasty surgeon in Toronto must consider your preferences to achieve the results you want. And to use the methods and tools to get you where you want your rhinoplasty to go – including:

  • photos of friends or celebrities you find attractive,
  • pictures of cases from other surgeons you think have worked well, 
  • self-portraits 
  • computer images.

If you want your nose tip to be shaved more than most men, or if you like the roughness of your nose and do not want it removed, be sure to tell your surgeon. Listen carefully to the words and plans of the cosmetic surgeon to achieve the commonalities that you have agreed on. Make sure you know exactly what is going to happen and what you should expect. Make sure the plans are in line with your goals for the new nose.

How to find the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Toronto for men? 

The best rhinoplasty surgeon has some specs, we recommend you read “The best nose jobs’ surgeon characteristics”. If you find an experienced male rhinoplasty surgeon, you will achieve the best result of your nose job in men.

NonSurgical nose job in Toronto for men

Men prefer methods with less pain. The nonsurgical nose job is one of these methods, but not all patients could be the candidate for that. If you live in Toronto and would like to know more about nonsurgical nose jobs in Toronto, we recommend you to book a free consultation with  Genesis Plastic Surgery in Toronto, and ask all your questions. Grand Genesis Plastic Surgery Toronto is one of the best Rhinoplasty centres in Toronto. Before any nose reshaping surgery you should search and gather useful information from people who have had a nonsurgical nose job.


NonSurgical nose job cost in Toronto

NonSurgical Nose Job Cost in Toronto is around 1000$. As we mentioned before, not all patients are good candidates for this method. One of the other advantages of the nonsurgical nose job is its lower cost compared to surgical rhinoplasty. Of course, this method needs a high qualified surgeon to achieve the best results. Since the nose is very important in the appearance of the person, it is recommended to be very careful in performing this operation and choosing the surgeon.

If you like to know about factors affecting the nonsurgical nose job cost, check the “Factors affecting the cost of rhinoplasty” article and also the Grand Genesis Plastic Surgery Toronto nose job costs to find the best nonsurgical nose job cost in Toronto.


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