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Breast lift, also known as mastopexy, is a procedure that removes and tightens breast tissue to lift them in a specialized way. After this surgery, the appearance of the breast can be changed and aligned positively.

According to a recent study by American plastic surgeons, breast augmentation has grown by 3% since 1996.

Sometimes the halo around the breast enlarges over time, which can be treated with a breast lift. A breast lift rejuvenates the appearance of the breasts and lifts the breasts proportionately without damaging their tissue.

Women’s breasts usually change over time and lose their youthful and firm appearance. These changes and loss of skin elasticity can occur due to the following factors:

  • Pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding
  • Weight loss or weight gain
  • Aging
  • Gravity
  • Inheritance

 What are non-surgical breast lift methods?

Laser breast lift

Scarless breast lift is a pioneering technique that uses SmartLipo MPX to lift and enlarge the breast, creating a 4 to 7 cm lift with minimal pain, bruising, or swelling a short recovery period, and quick and effective results. Smart Lipo Scarless Lift is the latest application of SmartLipo technology. This method is fast, effective, and has permanent results.


Who is a good candidate for a laser breast lift?

Laser breast augmentation is one of the non-surgical breast lift methods that are suitable for women whose breasts have sagged slightly due to childbirth, aging, or weight loss. This non-surgical breast lift method causes the breasts to lift and tighten.

This approach can dramatically increase women’s self-confidence and have a very positive impact on their lives. However, this treatment is not suitable for large breasts.


Recovery after laser breast lift

Patients can return to work after two days and resume exercise after about a week or more.


Non-surgical PDO Thread Breast Lift

Threaded breast lift is one of the non-surgical breast lift methods used to create a proper appearance in women’s breasts. Restoring the youthful appearance of the breast is one of the functions of this method, and there are a variety of treatments for it.

This method is usually straightforward. 

First, pictures of the breasts are taken for postoperative follow-up, then the marked incision areas are cleaned with disinfectant and prepared for needle insertion. The sutures are inserted into the breast’s skin using a needle and pulled until the breasts are in place. The filaments used in this method are conical and prickly. As soon as they enter the body through collagen replacement, they cause the proliferation and repair of the surrounding fibrous tissues.

The needle is inserted into the skin for a short time, and the anesthesia used in this procedure is local and does not bother the patient. Because this is a non-invasive procedure, the rate of return to regular life is very high.

Breast lift with Hifu

It is a non-surgical lift treatment using “high intensity focused ultrasound.” This energy can pass through the skin and deliver concentrated power without damaging the skin surface. This method of treating sagging breasts is recommended for people with minor to moderate sagging skin.

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Who is a good candidate for this non-surgical breast lift method?

  • People who are afraid of surgery.
  • People with mild to moderate signs of aging.
  • People who do not have time to recover.

How is this non-surgical breast lift method done?

High-intensity focused ultrasound is inserted into the target area to warm the site locally and destroy damaged tissue. This energy can also stimulate collagen production by tightening the dermis, subcutaneous layer, and tissue fascia layers.

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