Breast Lift Cost in Toronto

This post provides an overview of the breast lift cost in Toronto and the factors that influence it. Join us as we delve into the details. Breast Lift Surgery at Grand Genesis Plastic Surgery in Toronto

What is Breast Lift Surgery?

Breast lift surgery, also known as mastopexy, is a procedure aimed at elevating, reshaping, balancing, and rejuvenating breasts that have lost their youthful appearance due to factors such as aging, breastfeeding, and weight loss. This surgical intervention involves the removal of excess stretched skin from the breasts and tightening of the surrounding tissues. To learn more about this procedure, Check out Breast lift in Toronto page.

Factors Affecting the Breast Lift Price

What Factors Influence the Breast Lift Price in Toronto?

The cost of breast lift surgery in Toronto is influenced by several factors, including the patient’s unique body characteristics and desired outcomes. While only a plastic surgeon can provide an accurate breast lift cost estimate after evaluating these factors, some key determinants include:

  1. Degree of Sagging and Breast Volume: The extent of breast sagging and the existing breast volume are major factors that impact the complexity of the procedure, consequently affecting the cost. Procedures involving implants may require more time, anesthesia, and equipment, resulting in a slightly higher cost.
  2. Type of Breast Lift: Different types of breast lift procedures exist, each with varying costs. Patients considering non-surgical breast lift options may pay less, but it’s essential to choose a procedure aligned with their needs.
  3. Simultaneous Procedures: Undergoing multiple procedures concurrently can potentially reduce costs. Sharing the cost of general anesthesia is one such benefit. For instance, the Mommy Makeover procedure combines treatments to optimize outcomes.

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How much does a breast lift cost

Breast Lift Cost in Toronto Checklist

Factors influencing the cost of breast lift surgery include the plastic surgeon’s experience, technique employed, and practice location. The cost breakdown may encompass:

  • Anesthetic expenses
  • Anesthesia team fees
  • Disposable equipment costs in the operating room
  • Plastic surgeon’s professional fees
  • Combined procedures with breast lift
  • Clinic facility charges
  • Essential medical tests expenses
  • Medication costs prescribed by the plastic surgeon
  • Hospitalization costs, if applicable

factors affect the breast lift price

Breast Lift Cost in 2023

What is the Breast Lift Cost in Toronto for 2023?

At Grand Genesis Plastic Surgery in Toronto, the cost of a breast lift procedure typically ranges from CA$8,000 to CA$10,000, contingent on the scope of the surgery. A precise cost estimate can be provided by our surgeon after a thorough examination and consultation with you.

Insurance Coverage for Breast Lift

Can Breast Lift Surgery Be Covered by Insurance?

A common question among many patients is whether insurance covers breast lift surgery. Generally, breast lift costs fall under the category of cosmetic surgery and are not typically covered by insurance.

However, there are instances where insurance coverage might be approved if medical necessity is established due to issues such as back, neck, or shoulder problems resulting from enlarged breasts. Such cases might qualify for insurance-covered breast lift or breast reduction procedures.

It’s important to note that the final determination of the breast lift cost will be made during consultation sessions with a skilled plastic surgeon.

Additionally, choosing a reputable plastic surgeon you feel comfortable with is vital. For a comprehensive view of procedure fees, explore our range of offerings here.


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