Benefits of Gummy Bear Breast Implant

In this blog post, we will talk about the Gummy Bear Breast Implant; and we review the benefits and advantages of this kind of surgery compared to the other types. Breast Augmentation | Grand Genesis Plastic Surgery | Toronto


In the past, this variety of breast surgeries did not exist and was not known. Distinct types of breast prostheses are designed based on the material and filling materials, size, shape, and amount of protrusion and its surface. The point of view of the surgeon and the needs and desires of the patient can help to choose which one is better. In this article, we will introduce Gummy Bear Implants and their benefits. Stay with us.


What is the Gummy Bear Implant? 

If the Gummy Bear breast implant gets torn, they will not change in appearance at all; thus, they are called fixed implants. Instead of being round, these implants are shaped and have more protrusions in the lower part. The density of silicone in this type of prosthesis is high. As a result, they are stiffer, and therefore less damage is done to them in the long run. The worst disadvantage of the gummy bear implant or fixed prostheses is that they have to make more incisions in the skin than other types of prostheses.

In this type of prosthesis (the gummy bear implant), the density of silicone gel is usually higher and thicker. Hence, it is stiffer than older prostheses and has a lower chance of rupture and damage. Therefore, there is a need for sufficient skill and experience in the placement of this type of breast prosthesis, because if it rotates, the breast will have an unusual appearance.


Benefits of Gummy Bear Breast implant:

  • More strength and durability;
  • Lack of corrugation and folding of the implants;
  • Reduce the possibility of implant leakage;
  • Capsule contraction is less likely;
  • Maintain better shape;
  • Wide range of shapes and sizes;
  • They have a lower rupture rate than older breast implants;

Disadvantages of Gummy Bear Breast Implant

  • Need to cut more than silicone implant and saline;
  • More expensive than older implants;
  • Possibility of rotation and displacement of shaped implants;
  • Because the implantation requires a larger incision, they also create more scars;



Gummy bear implants are thought to be more durable and may last longer than other options. However, this durability comes at a cost, as gummy bear implants are more expensive than their other silicone and saline counterparts. They are also not without any risk, so it is necessary to find an experienced surgeon.

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