Skin folds are arranged on the vulva and are called the labia majora and labia minora.

In most cases, labia surgery is performed on sexually mature women to shrink the lips or achieve symmetry for cosmetic reasons. 

Many women, especially those with multiple children, combine labiaplasty  with other procedures such as liposuction and vaginoplasty to fully restore the vitality of the vaginal area.

What is labiaplasty cost in Canada

Sometimes, if the enlarged labia minora causes discomfort during normal activities, labia surgery can be performed on girls as young as 12. 

Enlargement (hypertrophy) is usually a congenital disorder, but some women may experience this symptom after giving birth, after hormone therapy, or as they age. Labiaplasty in Toronto is a surgical procedure used to remove drooping labia minora (inner labia). Enlarged labia minora can be annoying for women, causing pain and discomfort in clothing, interfering with daily activities, and feelings of shyness in public and private places. The goal of labia surgery is to remove additional tissue to solve all these problems. 


Will labiaplasty affect sensitivity?

 The sexual complications of labiaplasty are unclear. Lip incisions and wedge techniques are unlikely to affect sensation, but there are no studies to clarify the role of the labia minora in female sexual pleasure. Some women may experience uncomfortable allergic reactions, which may be caused by improper labia surgery techniques. The labia surgery called Barbie gauze removes all the labia minora, but it is not clear whether labiaplasty affects sensitivity to experience an orgasm or not. 


What is labiaplasty cost in Canada? 

Labiaplasty cost surgery varies from facility to facility and usually depends on individual needs. Labiaplasty cost in Ontario ranges from US$2,500 to US$4,000, depending on the hospital or clinic, skills of the surgeon, and the procedures required.

6 months after labiaplasty

What will happen 6 months after doing labiaplasty?

After knowing about labiaplasty costs in Ontario, it is important to know about the recovery time. During this period, loose clothes and underwear should be worn to avoid any friction that may stimulate the area. The swelling begins to subside at the end of the first week of recovery. 

After 2 weeks, the swelling, itching, and general discomfort should subside, and you can see the surgery results. It will recover, but anything that requires too much force or might put pressure on the area, such as cycling, horse riding, or sexual activities, should be avoided.

4 weeks after labiaplasty, you may almost completely return to normal daily life and exercise routines. But you should still avoid cycling, horse riding, and the use of tampons for at least 6 weeks post-operation.

6 weeks after labiaplasty, patients reported that they were more confident in the results of labia surgery with improved lip size, shape, and symmetry.


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