This year Grand Genesis Plastic Surgery Clinic was a proud participant at the National Women’s Show that was held at Metro Toronto Convention Center, November 9 – 11.
It was a great experience and an awesome opportunity for us to meet wonderful women from all walks of life. We heard their stories and learnt about their wishes and concerns. We had a blast! We talked we laughed and we learned from them all. 
We met Joann and cheered for her when we heard her massive-weight-loss success story. Nevertheless, she was concerned about the loose skin left behind from the weight loss and the deepening of her facial wrinkles.
We talked to Elisa and learned how she is hoping that a breast reduction surgery would help her get more active and less self-conscience about her body. And Jane who in her late 60s had the look of a 50 year old. However she felt that the signs of aging were finally caching up with her and she wished to slow down this rapid aging process.
We met those who had been contemplating a particular procedure but were worried about its cost. And those who had never thought of a cosmetic procedure for the fear of undergoing a surgery. They were excited to learn about our financing program and the latest minimally or non-invasive techniques that could help them get the look they want without surgery. 

To all those who we met at the National Women’s Show:

Thank you for stopping by and sharing your story with us! It was a real pleasure meeting you all.

And if you missed the show we would like to hear from you as well.

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