Mommy Makeover Recovery Guide

Here we discuss mommy makeover recovery. Pregnancy significantly impacts the body’s appearance, and a mommy makeover is a collection of operations meant to improve the appearance and feel of those areas. Depending on how quickly your body can recover, your recovery from mommy makeover time will vary greatly.

Your recuperation time is likely longer if you have had more procedures done. Recovery from a mommy makeover usually takes a long time. The length of your recovery depends on the extent of your most recent procedure. A tummy tuck in Toronto of choice for most patients. How long is mommy makeover recovery? For the most frequent surgeries, here is an estimate of mommy makeover recovery time:

  • Back to work within days, six weeks before lifting or severe exercise after a breast lift or breast augmentation in Toronto.
  • After liposuction, you can return to work the next day and wait six weeks before engaging in any weight-lifting or vigorous exercise.
  • After a tummy tuck, you should wait at least six weeks before lifting or exercising before returning to work.


Getting ready for mommy makeover recovery

Before your operation, you may do a few things to ease your mommy makeover recovery. Begin by creating a personal sanctuary. We recommend a full-body pillow to ensure you are completely supported as you sleep. Make sure your bed or recliner has everything you’ll need within easy reach, such as a water bottle, books/magazines, and any hobbies you enjoy.

mommy makeover recovery

Immediately following the procedure 

Mommy makeovers are outpatient procedures, so you can leave the hospital the same day as your operation and begin mommy makeover recovery. After surgery, you will be given a new prescription for pain medicine and the necessary compression garments (included in the surgical fee).

After waking up from anesthesia, you should take a painkiller; you’ll need a driver to take you home. After surgery, patients are strictly not allowed to drive themselves home. If you take narcotic painkillers for a few days following surgery, you’ll need childcare and help around the house. You cannot drive while using narcotic pain medication. We recommend NSAIDs (Motrin or Advil) after the first week for pain relief.

Light childcare responsibilities (cooking, assisting with homework) can be resumed after this time; lifting weights greater than 5 pounds will be prohibited for the first six weeks following surgery. Remember that if you had a mommy makeover, you would be required to remain bent over for around two weeks following surgery if you had a tummy tuck. How do you sleep after mommy makeover?

During your healing period, try to sleep on your back or side. Sleeping in a chair keeps one’s spine straight is an important consideration for many people. If you are wondering when can I shower after mommy makeover? I must say wait at least two days.


During the first six weeks following surgery| mommy makeover recovery

Immediately following surgery and during mommy makeover recovery, you will meet with your doctor for the first time at the one-week mark and then again six weeks later. Your first post-operative check up will include the removal of any sutures. A few weeks of bruising, swelling, and pain are expected after surgery. Although problems are rare, infection at the incision sites is the most prevalent one after a cosmetic operation.

How long after a mommy makeover can I drive? 10-14 days, and also, if you want to know how long after mommy makeover can I swim? Avoid swimming for almost three weeks after surgery to reduce the chance of complications. During this period, you will be required to wear compression garments and may return to work in 2-3 weeks.

mommy makeover recovery

6+ weeks following surgery

How long after mommy makeover can I exercise?

You can resume your regular daily activities, including exercise, about six weeks or two months after your mommy makeover. At this point, your procedure should show its results as the swelling has started to go down. You’ll see your doctor one last time six months after your surgery.


Bottom Line| mommy makeover recovery

Now you know almost everything necessary about mommy makeover recovery and recovery time after mommy makeover. A consultation is available to anyone interested in getting the mommy makeover in Toronto or having any questions regarding the procedure.