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  • Why Grand Genesis?

Because we provide not only Plastic Surgery but almost ALL medical specialties under one roof. We do the pre-op checkup here and if anything goes wrong during or after the surgery, the patient will be at the best medical facility to be taken care of.

And another important reason: Our Plastic & Cosmetic surgeons are each expert and specialized in a certain area. So they know exactly what they are doing. For example Dr. Serge Goekjian who is an expert in Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) will not touch Abdominoplasty, and Dr. Bahram Shahi who does Abdominoplasty does not touch the Breast (Dr. Jiayi Hu does). What it means? It means that 1) Each surgeon does what he/she is expert in which increases the quality of outcome and decreases problems, & 2) if a person needs operation on different areas of the body, A GROUP of surgeons will perform the operation, each one on their specialty area. That’s smart, isn’t it?

Grand Genesis Plastic Surgery is the Beauty Surgical Ward of Grand Genesis Health (GGH), a private OHP level 3 facility, meaning what? O(Out) of H(Hospital) P(Practice) Level 3 (approved to do general anesthesia) and to keep the patients during their immediate post-operation recovery period (up to 24 hours if necessary)

Located at 9080 Yonge Street in Richmond Hill, Grand Genesis is a state of the art miniature hospital that is fully equipped with the latest generation of medical equipment and skilled staff to serve a scale of medical & surgical specialties on an outpatient basis.

More than 18,000 square feet;

  • 2 Main operating rooms with general anesthesia
  • 3 Minor operating rooms with sedation
  • 10 Exam rooms
  • 2 Endoscopy rooms
  • 15 Recovery beds


  • Small Surgical emergencies & Urgent Care
  • Orthopedics
  • Neurosurgery
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Maxillofacial surgery
  • Ear Nose Throat (Otolaryngology)
  • Eye surgery
  • Ophthalmology
  • Optometry
  • Gastroenterology
  • Gynecology & Obstetrics
  • General Surgery
  • Endoscopy
  • Cardiology
  • Internal Medicine
  • Dermatology
  • Pediatrics
  • Dentistry (including children with anesthesia)
  • Physiotherapy
  • Pharmacy
  • Breath Test
  • Stress Test
  • Family physician
  • Walk In Clinic

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Afraid of Corona Virus?

No worries, all cosmetic cases take Covid test, and operated on only if test is negative.

The clinic is an OHP level 3 and fully compliant with Health Canada policies to prevent the transmission.

Did you know that these days many of the Plastic Surgery clinics are closed and the surgeons bring their patients to Grand Genesis to be operated on?

corona virus and plastic surgery
  • Which Cosmetic/Aesthetic Operations Do We Perform?

SURGICAL Procedures:

head and neck surgery

Head & Neck

Blepharoplasty (Eye Lid Surgery)

Rhinoplasty and Septorhinoplasty (Nose job)

Face & Neck lift

Brow lift

Double Chin (Liposuction or Thermi)

Otoplasty (Ear)

Chin & Cheek Augmentation


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Did you know that you can get financial support from RBC for your operation? We have a special arrangement with our branch. Want to know more? Drop us an email at info@grandgenesisplasticsurgery.ca

Our Surgeons?

  • Dr. Jiayi Hu (Plastic Surgeon – Body & Breast)
  • Dr. Bahram Shahi (General Surgeon – Tummy Tuck & Liposuction)
  • Dr. Nabil Al-Zaher (ENT – Rhinoplasty)

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What do Others Say?

Just an example:

“I had a tummy tuck done by Dr.Shahi about 6 weeks ago !! I’m absolutely in love with my results. Dr. Shahi has given me back my life, he is fantastic at what he does !! I would highly recommend him if you are undecided about getting a tummy tuck done!”


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