Dr Bram Shahi, MD, FRCSC, FACS GENERAL Surgeon

Practicing Aesthetic Surgery: Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) – 360 – Liposuction

84 Beresford Dr.  Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4B 4J5             Phone: (647) 597-1106               Email: drshahbahram@gmail.com


 Doctor of Medicine (MD), University of Tehran Faculty of  Medicine, 9/1979-6/1988
 Pre-Intern (Clerkship), St. Michael’s & Wellesley Hospitals, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada, 6/1992-7/1993
 General Surgery Resident, London Health Sciences Centre, Western University (formally the University of Western Ontario), London, Ontario, 9/1993-7/1998


 General Surgery
 Gastrointestinal/Endoscopy Procedures
 Cesarean Sections
 Teaching/Training



 The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario,(CPSO)
 College of Physicians and Surgeons of New Brunswick, (CPSNB)
 Nunavut Health Authority
 Northwest Territories Health


 College of Physicians and Surgeons of Newfoundland and Labrador
 College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia, (CPSNS)
 Accredited Court Interpreter, Farsi language, MAG, 2/1989


General Surgeon (MD) with 30+ years of experience, performing
complex surgeries, leading & managing teams, education & training, and effective
communication, seeking a challenging position where a commitment to excellence in
patient-centered care and healthcare delivery will lead to improve patient outcomes.


Assistant Professor Memorial University, NL, Division of Clinical Sciences, Department of Surgery  – 6/2017-PRES
Assistant Professor Northern Ontario School of Medicine, Division of Clinical Sciences, Department of Surgery  -10/2012-PRES
Assistant Professor Adjunct  Dalhousie University, NL & NB  -10/2017-PRES
Locum General Surgeon Various Hospitals, Locations: Ontario, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland & Labrador, New Brunswick, Northwest Territories, & Nunavut 3/2010-PRES
Staff General Surgeon, Riverside Health Care Facilities & La Verendrye Hospital, Fort Frances, Ontario -8/2012-9/2014
Staff General Surgeon, Aberdeen Hospital, New Glasgow, Nova Scotia -7/2010-1/2012
Staff General Surgeon, Dryden Regional Health Centre, Dryden, Ontario -9/2002-7/2010
Staff General Surgeon, Thunder Bay Regional Health Centre, Thunder Bay, Ontario -9/1998-9/2002
Assistant in Pediatric Surgeon, Children’s Hospital of Western, Ontario, London, Ontario  -7/1998-9/1998
General Surgery Resident London Health Sciences Centre, Western University (formally the University of Western Orlando), London, Ontario -9/1993-7/1998
Research Associate, Emphasis: Bariatric Surgery, St. Joseph’s Health Centre, Toronto, Ontario, 9/1989-7/1992
Intern University of Tehran Hospitals & Clinics, Tehran, Iran -9/1986-6/1988


 Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, 10/2009
 Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Canada, (FRCSC), 8/1998
 Licentiate of the Medical Council of Canada, (LMCC), 1/1996
 Licentiate of the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates, (ECFMGUSA), Score: Clinical (85)/Sciences (90)
 Licentiate of the Federation Licensing Examination, (FLEXUSA)/Passed all sections


 Best Teaching Resident Award, General Surgery Residency Program, Victoria Hospital, London, Ontario, 10/1993
 Partners in Excellence Award, Dryden Regional Health Centre, Dryden, Ontario, 10/ 2003
 Community Business Excellence Award (Runnerup), “Service to Health Care” section, Dryden, Ontario, 4/ 2005
 Performed the first Laparoscopic Colectomy procedure in Dryden, Ontario, 3/2009


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Textbook of Surgery, 7th edition.
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 Shahi B. Khalil M, O’Mally FP, Doig GS, Engel CJ. Prognostic Significance of Tumor Angiogenesis in Node-Negative Colorectal Cancer.
Abstract presented at Residents Research Day, May 1996, London Health Sciences Centre, London, Ontario.
 Shahi B. Rajasingham M, Schmidt J, Leslie KA. Pain Management and Homecare in One-Day- Stay Patients Undergoing Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy
or Hernia Repair. Abstract presented at Residents Research Day, May 1997, London Health Sciences Centre, London, Ontario.
 Shahi B. Gosselin M, Deitel M. Short Bowel Syndrome: Current Concepts. Sandoz Symposium, June 1992.
 Shahi B, Proglowski B, Deitel M. Sleep-Related Diseases in the Obese. Obesity Surgery 1992.


 Ultrasound for General Surgeons Course, ACS, 10/2005
 Laparoscopic Colectomy Course, Part 1, ACS, 10/2008
 Laparoscopic Hernia Repair Symposium, Ethicon Winnipeg, MB, 8/2009
 Laparoscopic Hernia Repair Workshop, Ethicon, Halifax, NS, 10/2010
 Medical Education in Aboriginal Communities, NOSM, 5/2005
 Negotiation & Conflict Management: Vital Skills for Success, Physician Management Institute, CMA, 10/2007
 TOEFL-USA, Score: 663 (11/1990) & 660-CPSO Administered, (10/1990)
 TSE-USA, Score: 293/300, 11/1990