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Do you want to provide your face a more youthful and energetic appearance but are not sure which facelift procedure is right for you? This article will discuss different types of facelifts. There is another way to find the best procedure for yourself, it is booking a free consultation with our experienced surgeons. Click here to book a free session.

Different types of facelifts

1.Liquid Facelift

The liquid dermal filler is injected into certain parts of the face in order to plump lips and add volume to hollowing areas of the face. People who undergo dermal fillers containing lactic acid, calcium hydroxyapatite, or hyaluronic acid, will be less likely to need facelift surgery later.

different types of face lifts

2. Jawline Rejuvenation

This procedure is perfect for revitalizing the area between the jaw and upper neck. It is most appropriate for people with minimal skin laxity as skin does not remove with this procedure.

3. Mini Face Lift

Among all the different types of rhytidectomy, a mini facelift is best for people who want to make the early signs of ageing disappear but don’t want very dramatic results. This procedure can be done really quickly and you do not need to stay home or rest for a long time after.

5. Cutaneous Lift

In this procedure, excess skin in the neck or lower part of the face is trimmed and the remaining skin is stretched. Muscle tightening technique is not used in this procedure. Thus, the effects may be less long-lasting. 

6. The Traditional Facelift 

This procedure is one of the different types of a facelift (rhytidectomy) in which muscles of the neck and face are tightened. In this procedure, sutures can be removed after 6 or 7 days. Among the many different types of facelifts, this one can give you more dramatic results. You may want to consider this procedure if you :

  • Want to define your neckline and get a smooth contour.
  • Have moderate or deep signs of ageing.
  • Desire long-lasting results.
  • Don’t mind avoiding any kind of exercise for at least 2 weeks.

different types of facelift (rhytidectomy)

7. Temporal Facelift or Brow Lift

Do you want to give your eyebrow a slight beautiful lift, but are not ready for a full brow lift procedure? Among all the different types of a facelift (rhytidectomy), this one can be your best alternative choice. And good news! This procedure is a type of facelift that has quite a short recovery period.


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