Frequently Asked Questions About What Rhinoplasty is

Rhinoplasty, by definition, is the reshaping of the nose. In this post, we review some of the FAQs about rhinoplasty.  Rhinoplasty | Grand Genesis Plastic Surgery | Toronto

Frequently Asked Questions About what Rhinoplasty is

“I want to have a nose job”

“I think I have a very big nose”

“I’m afraid to have a nose job”

“I’m afraid to get uglier after a nose job”

“I hate meaty noses”

“I do not know which surgeon to go to have the best nose jobs”

“Nose job is very painful”

“I am afraid of anesthesia for surgery”

“How to have the best nose jobs experience”

“Nose job men surgeons are better or women?

“How long does a recovering from rhinoplasty last?”

Familiar sentences that are whispered more and more among young people these days. Long conversations about what rhinoplasty is in girls’ dormitories, and the faces of school teenagers who occasionally ask their teacher or friends at school about a nose job, lip prostheses, and, etc. motivated us to answer these questions right here in this article. They want to know and for various reasons such as ignorance, unavailability of an informed guide and counselor, not going to a beauty specialist, shame and embarrassment, or even fear of parents and spouse… do not know and can not find the answer, let them know.

FAQ of Rhinoplasty

In this article, we try to talk about your concerns and question marks and provide you with information that for any reason you could not find the answers. Join us to finally introduce beauty consultants and experts and you introduce us to your friends.


Do fleshy noses return to their original state after a period of rhinoplasty?

In answer to this question, we must say that in the past, due to the use of inappropriate techniques, the fleshy nose could return after rhinoplasty, but now rhinoplasty surgeons use standard and up-to-date techniques to perform fleshy nose surgery. Which minimizes the reversibility of fleshy noses.

Do patients require special care after rhinoplasty?

Yes, people who have had rhinoplasty should follow the tips in their daily activities to shorten their recovery period, which we have fully explained in a separate article called Post-Rhinoplasty Care.

Is it possible for the hump to return to the bony noses after rhinoplasty?

No, the percentage of returned bumps on the bony noses is close to zero.

Can nose surgery be done with a laser?

Lasers are very advanced in medical science, but they are not advanced enough to perform rhinoplasty. It should be noted that lasers can remove scars and discoloration of the skin of the nose.

Some other frequently asked questions about what rhinoplasty is

Do patients suffer a lot of pain after rhinoplasty?

In this regard, we must say that rhinoplasty is not a difficult and tedious surgery, and despite what the general public thinks, rhinoplasty is not painful, and the pain after surgery is relieved with painkillers.

Is rhinoplasty a problem for women during menstruation?

There is nothing wrong with having rhinoplasty at this time, but it is recommended that rhinoplasty be performed after this period.

How long the recovery period for rhinoplasty is? (recovering period time after   rhinoplasty)

The length of the recovery period varies depending on the patient’s condition but generally does not last more than 1 week.

How long should patients use nasal dressing after rhinoplasty?

The duration of the nasal dressing applications depends on the patient’s condition and the opinion of the nasal surgeon.

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