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Do you want to improve the structure of your chin, ears, nose, jaw, or cheeks? Do you want to reduce signs of aging, look more youthful, and make slight changes in how certain parts of your face look? If you answered “yes” to some of these questions, then you know face contouring surgery and face contouring injections can be an option worth considering!


Different Types Of Face Contouring Surgery

In this section, we will explain the look you will have when you get face contouring surgery and face contouring injections before and after:

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  • Chin Implant Surgery

This procedure can be done in less than an hour! Consider this procedure if you want to define your jawline for a more masculine look, or if you want to add volume to your chin for a more soft and feminine look. Also, this surgery can help improve the harmony of your face. Face contouring cost for this procedure is about $6,000 to $7,000.

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  • Facial Liposuction Surgery

People who are not happy with their double chin, jowls, or turkey neck may want to consider this surgery. In this procedure, unwanted fat is broken down and removed from the neck.

  • Bone Trimming

The bone trimming procedure, done alone or along with tooth extraction, can help contour and improve the shape of your jaw.

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  • Jaw Contouring

If you have a masculine jawline and prefer to get it slimmer and more slender, jaw contouring can be your choice. Face contouring surgery cost for this procedure is usually between $6000-$8000.

  • Graft And Tissue Transfer

Brow transplant,  beard surgery, and mustache surgery are included in this category. People who undergo these procedures have tissues of their own body transferred from one part to their desired part. 

  • Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty can be your chosen procedure if you have an uneven nose, have had the structure of your nose damaged, or want to bring more harmony to your face. Price for surgical Nose Job usually begins from $5000.

  • Facelift Surgery

We will all experience hanging skin in the neck and face as we age. Facelift surgery(rhytidectomy) will give you a much younger look by tightening the skin. Face contouring surgery cost for this procedure is about $6,000 to $15,000.

  • Hairline Lowering Surgery

People who wish to have a smaller forehead can have their hairline lowered by this surgery. This helps to create a balance in your face. 

  • Ear Correction Surgery

Some people may be unhappy with their ears being pointy or big. This face contouring surgery can help these people create changes in the shape, position, and size of their ears. Face contouring surgery cost for this procedure begins from $1500.


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