What is Breast Reduction Surgery or Reduction Mammoplasty?

In this short article, we will review the breast reduction surgery known as reduction mammoplasty reasons.   Breast Reduction Surgery | Grand Genesis Plastic Surgery | Toronto

Breast reduction surgery or reduction mammoplasty is a type of breast reconstruction surgery performed to reduce the size and fit the shape of the breast. Having large breasts may seem attractive to some, but when the size of the breasts is larger than normal, it will undoubtedly cause problems. 

A skilled plastic surgeon will create a well-shaped body for you by performing breast reduction surgery principles. As a result, a person’s self-confidence and a good sense of the body will increase, and her problems and pain will be eliminated.

However, breast reduction is a surgery that must be performed in consultation with a specialist and knowledge of postoperative changes. To decide on a breast reduction procedure, you need to know what side effects there may be. Also, this operation is not performed for a group of people. The surgery results also vary depending on the shape and characteristics of each person’s body and the technique used. In this article, the reasons a patient might need to undergo breast reduction surgery will be reviewed. 


What are the main reasons for breast reduction?



However, Breast reduction is a type of cosmetic plastic surgery, it has a therapeutic aspect for some patients; that is, it is done to reduce pain and eliminate movement problems. Breast size may increase in women for a variety of reasons. This increase in size beyond a standard limit causes problems and becomes unbearable.

In reduction mammoplasty, the size of the breast is reduced by removing excess breast tissue, glands, fat, and excess skin. A plastic surgeon performs a few special incisions and separates the extra sections, shrinking the breasts and restoring the shape of the breasts by changing the nipple and areola’s position.

Some of the reasons for breast reduction are as following:

  • Overweight, which is associated with increased fat in the breast tissue.

It takes certain hormonal medications, such as birth control pills, that stimulate breast tissue and increase its size by altering the number of female hormones.

  • Pregnancy

Naturally, during this period, the mother’s body prepares for new conditions and care for the baby, one of which is an increase in breast size.

  • Menopause

Menopause is also associated with increased fat in the breast tissue and its enlargement.

In all of these cases, breast reduction helps to change the size of the breasts to normal. This size may vary depending on each person’s body shape. Also, asymmetry in the breasts and their size inequality (small and large) can be corrected with reduction mammoplasty.


 The first step to undergo the reduction of mammoplasty 

If you are planning to have a reduction mammoplasty, you need to go through some steps. After deciding to have a reduction mammoplasty, you need to start your research on choosing a specialist doctor. To achieve the desired result from your breast reduction surgery, you must find a skilled doctor. Breast reduction surgery is a delicate cosmetic procedure; the desired effect depends on the doctor’s skill.

How Much is the Breast Reduction Cost in Ontario?

The breast reduction cost in Ontario, Grand Genesis Plastic Surgery in 2021 is $9000. Our surgeon can give you an exact estimate of the cost after examination & talking with you. The Consult session is free.

 Before deciding to have breast reduction surgery, you can consult with experienced doctors with high work experience in Grand Genesis Plastic Surgery and decide on this important issue with confidence. 



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