In this post, we will review some issues about breast lift surgery. The results,  notes about before and after undergoing surgery, cost, etc. are some of them. Stay with us.  Breast Lift Surgery | Grand Genesis Plastic Surgery | Toronto

What is breast lift surgery?

Breast lift surgery, also known as mastopexy, is a procedure to raise, reshape, balance, and rejuvenate breast that has lost its youthfulness due to aging, breastfeeding, weight loss, etc. In this procedure excess, stretched skin is removed from the breasts and the surrounding tissues are tightened.

The result of breast lift surgery

The result of breast lift surgery can be seen quickly. Over time, the swelling from the breast lift improves, and the scars from the surgery disappear.

The result of a breast lift is evident up to a few months after surgery, and the appearance and position of the breasts stabilize over time. The positive effect of a breast lift will stay with you for a long time. Of course, factors such as aging and gravity continue to affect the appearance of your breasts. But to increase the shelf life of breast lift results, it is better to observe the following:

  • Stay at the ideal weight
  • Choosing a healthy lifestyle

Note that the amount of extra skin removed during a breast lift is very important. The skin should protrude so that it is not difficult for the person to move, and the breasts could shake facilely.



breast lift

What changes does a breast lift make in your body?

In addition to rounding and filling the breasts, lifting causes changes in the appearance of the breasts. These changes include:

  • Raising the nipple
  • Reduce the size of the halo around the nipple
  • Transformation of long breasts into round breasts
  • Creating symmetry in the breasts

A breast prosthesis and breast lift

Some women may be interested in having a breast prosthesis in addition to a breast lift. Breast prosthesis makes the breasts look fuller and, at the same time, creates a beautiful line between the breasts. Breast prosthesis can be done during or after a breast lift, depending on your plastic surgeon’s opinion.

A breast lift and pregnancy

A breast lift is best done when you no longer intend to have children. As mentioned earlier, pregnancy and breastfeeding increase breast size. This sagging and stretched breast can be improved with a breast lift. It is important to note that severe weight loss can hurt breast lift results.

Breast Lift Surgery Recovery

A bandage covers incisions made during breast lift surgery. It would help if you used a flexible bandage, gauze, or medical bra after breast lift surgery until complete recovery. It prevents the breasts from moving significantly.

A small, narrow tube may be inserted under the breasts to collect blood after surgery. Some specific recommendations for patients include:

  • Wearing a supporting sports bra or a bra with no wire for the first three weeks.
  • Not to do any heavy activity.
  • Be able to go back to work after one week.
  • Not to sleep on the stomach.

The cost of breast lift surgery

Experience, type of technique used, and location of the plastic surgeon are very useful in determining the cost of a breast lift. The price of a breast lift can vary depending on the following factors:

  • Cost of anesthetics
  • Anesthesia team salary
  • Cost of disposable equipment used in the operating room
  • Plastic Surgeon Salary
  • Operations that may be performed laterally with a breast lift
  • The clinic where the breast lift is performed.
  • Cost of necessary medical tests
  • The cost of medications prescribed by a plastic surgeon.
  • If hospitalization is required, the cost should be added to the above.

breast lift costs are usually not covered by insurance and are classified as part of cosmetic surgery. Note that the final estimate of the breast lift cost will be determined during the consultation sessions by a plastic surgeon.

It is also essential to find a reputable plastic surgeon and someone you feel comfortable within your area. Check out the breast lift surgery fees here.


What can’t a breast lift surgery do?

A breast lift can not change the size or roundness of your breasts. If you want your breasts to look fuller, you should have a breast lift with breast augmentation surgery.

If you are looking to make your breasts look smaller than they currently are, you can combine a breast lift with breast reduction surgery. It is worth mentioning that choosing the best breast surgery method is the responsibility of a plastic surgeon.

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