How Breast Implant Surgery Can Improve Quality of Life?

In this article, we will review the Breast Implant Surgery as a perfect solution to restore the natural appearance and symmetry of one or two breasts after any breast injuries. Breast Augmentation | Grand Genesis Plastic Surgery | Toronto

What are breast implants surgery?

Breast implant surgery is performed in different ways in women who have undergone surgery to treat breast cancer. To decide which breast reconstruction and implant method works best for you, a number of factors such as your health status and personal preferences must be considered. We recommend that you study the available treatment options before deciding on a breast implant.


The purpose of breast implants is to restore the natural appearance and symmetry of one or two breasts after mastectomy (cutting and removing the breast or part of it), lumpectomy (removal of breast cancer, and some of the tissue around the cancerous glands), or other breast injuries.

Types of breast implant procedures




Breast implantation is done through several processes and in stages. This surgery can be performed at the same time as or after the mastectomy. Breast implants are often divided into two categories: breast reconstruction through prosthesis implantation and breast reconstruction using flaps.

Breast reconstruction is done by implanting a breast prosthesis to create a new bulge and breast in the breast area. However, in the flap reconstruction method, tissues from other parts of the patient’s body are used to create a new breast. Sometimes these two methods are used in combination with each other to get the best results. Sometimes nipple reconstruction or breast areola is used to make the implanted breast look more natural.


Several factors must be considered when deciding on the best treatment options. These factors include:

  • Type of mastectomy (breast removal and incision)
  • Treatments for breast cancer
  • Anatomy of the patient’s body

Treatment results of breast implant surgery

The final results of breast implant surgery can reduce the negative physical and psychological effects of mastectomy. Over time, some sensation in the breast may return and the scar may heal surgically, but these effects do not disappear completely.

Performing breast implant surgery procedures has side effects. But most women ignore these effects due to the huge improvement in their quality of life and their overall feeling and appearance. Careful breast examination by the patient, mammography, as well as the use of diagnostic techniques is essential to improve the patient’s long-term health. 


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