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Worshiping youth and beauty is something that humankind is familiar with. In all the paintings and photos, you can see how much youth and beauty can capture people’s eyes and that is why in the modern era of our lives people are using new and practical methods to keep their youth and have self-confidence. You cannot blame those people who are worried about getting old and the changes in their look because loving youth and trying to maintain it is in the nature of humans.

Following the importance of this matter to humans, they use their new technology and knowledge to find solutions to the problem of aging. Scientists and doctors try to use their findings and skills in this path and every day we are seeing new and promising results which means their attempt is not going to waste. There are many ways for people to stay young and one of these ways is rhytidectomy, which is becoming more and more common. Some people will say that staying young is not that important to accept having surgery but that is not truly a matter of concern for you. Rhytidectomy procedure is so safe and sound that there is no danger and fear for you but you should know that there is an appropriate age for it. Here, we are going to discuss the best age for having this surgery; also, we are going to answer some very vital questions about the facelift so you can get along with the whole procedure better.

rhytidectomy meaningWhat is rhytidectomy’s meaning?


Well, some people may not exactly know what this means and they have just heard of it. This is important to know its meaning so you can understand why there is a specific age for it. 

Have you ever gone in front of a mirror and hear a voice in your head which is saying “when did I get this many wrinkles on my face”? These wrinkles are something that you can get rid of by having a rhytidectomy, which many people know as a facelift. It is a cosmetic surgery that gives you a more youthful face and it includes a procedure of removing excess facial skin. This surgery is so common among people and it is good to know that it is the sixth cosmetic surgery that is mostly performed by doctors.


 What is the best way to explain the rhytidectomy procedure?

After understanding the rhytidectomy meaning, you should know its procedure too. All this information can help you to embrace this surgery better and do not have any fear of it. 

When people get older and they are after their twenties, they get sensitive about their youth and they will try any method to keep and maintain it. They will buy expensive creams, they will use massages and even some people use herbal treatments but all these methods take time and youth is not a good friend of time; therefore, having a cosmetic surgery like rhytidectomy is getting more common every day. Why do we emphasize being common? Well, when something gets common, it means people have seen its results on others and the results were promising so they decided to give it a try. In addition, when some kind of surgery gets common it means doctors will be attracted to the field and they will invent new methods. Also, new equipment will be invented so that the procedure will have a low risk and a good result. 


Following what we said above, there have been many different types of rhytidectomy in Toronto.  The main factor that makes this different is the type of incision rhytidectomy you will have, which depends on the method the doctor uses based on your age and your wrinkle, which is different on every patient so there is not a fixed protocol for it. The rhytidectomy incision can be in different areas of the face like behind the ear, bottom of the ear, and back of the neck. As we said, in facelift you will have skin removal so that your wrinkle will disappear and the amount of the removed skin does not have a fixed protocol either; it is based on the patient’s amount of excess skin and also the doctor’s decision. There are eight types of facelift surgery as listed below:

  • SMAS lift
  • Deep-plane facelift

  • Composite facelift
  • Mid face-lift
  • Mini-facelift
  • Subperiosteal facelift
  • Skin-only facelift
  • MACS facelift

rhytidectomy before and after


 Why should we have a rhytidectomy in the first place?

After you get the answer to the meaning and procedure question and as a whole, what rhytidectomy operation involves, you should know the possible accepted reasons for having a facelift. It is logical that when you decide to do something, you have small research on its advantages. When you discover why you should do a facelift and its advantages, you can better decide either you need it or not. In addition, knowing why people do a facelift helps you to understand its vital role in having younger skin in a very short amount of time, and by today’s medical services, we can say with a low risk of a bad result.

1- Tight skin

As we said multiple times in this article, the main reason for doing rhytidectomy is getting rid of wrinkled skin face and enjoying your beauty. As you pass the early stages of your life, the aging will be mirrored on your body and face. 

When you meet someone for the first time, he/she guesses your age based on your look and a young look can give you enough confidence to have a good impression on others.


2- Long-lasting effect

People use different ways of staying young but none of them is permanent and even some are effective in a very short amount of time. For example, many people say they can handle face wrinkles by using face creams but this is a method that needs constant repeating; on the other hand, when you choose to have a rhytidectomy, you can be sure the result will last longer than this. 

If we take a close look at this complicated world of staying young, we see that cosmetic surgeries have the most long-term results and maybe that is why people decide to do it and accept having an operation because when they see rhytidectomy before and after the result, they will understand it was the best choice ever.

3- Short recovery time

When we talk about surgery, people start thinking about long weeks in the hospital, constantly going to the doctor’s office, a very painful recovery time, and many other clichés that rhytidectomy operation involves with them but be happy because this is not a problem in this matter. When you have this surgery because of its procedure and methods, you will not feel much pain and more importantly, you will not need much time to recover. We cannot say exactly how many days are needed because it depends on many factors but it is short enough to count it as an advantage.


4- New face, new look

You have tolerated your wrinkles for years and for sure you have been away from your dream youthful look for enough time and after the rhytidectomy surgery, you will be embracing not only a new young face but also a whole new look. Having a facelift means younger skin and as a result, the shape of your face will change. This change is completely normal because you are going to lose some amount of excess skin. How much will you change? It is a good question, after the operation when you see yourself in the mirror, you will see a different version of yourself but the change will be delightful. Even now, when you go in front of a mirror and tighten your face skin with your hand, you can see the shape of your face gets better and more suitable for your beauty.

rhytidectomy before and after

 What is the best age for having a rhytidectomy?

So now, it is time to answer the big question we prepared you for it. You have got familiar with the meaning, procedure, and advantages of rhytidectomy so far. All subjects that we discussed are very important and each of them has a very vital effect on your decision of having a facelift operation or not. 

If you are familiar with any cosmetic surgery, you know that the rhytidectomy operation involves a time factor and it has a very important role in it. Let us make it clear with another cosmetic surgery besides facelift, imagine having a nose job. If you have it too early, your nose has not gotten its final shape and by rushing to it, you have made a bad decision. When you have a nose job before your nose’s shape is fixed permanently, you will need to repeat it and redoing surgery has more risks and financially it can get hard too. On the other hand, if you do it too late, you will face more risk in surgery.

About the rhytidectomy, we say the same thing that the time factor is not something to be ignored by you. If you do this surgery too early, you will need to repeat the surgery as you go to the next decades of your life. This means that you will not get the result you want and having multiple surgeries on your face can be dangerous too. On the other side of the story, if you have a facelift when you are too old for it, you will not use its main privilege: preserving your face from aging and getting as far as possible from wrinkles. When you have this surgery after you are 60-year-old, for sure you will see a more obvious result because your face has gotten old but we recommend doing it earlier.


Having wrinkles on your face is the result of aging and this is a completely natural procedure that everyone will have although some factors can make a difference. For example, having this surgery when you are in your 20s or 30s is not recommended highly because as we said it is too early, and having a facelift in your 60s or 70s is way too late so it left us with 40s and 50s which are the perfect time for rhytidectomy.

When you are in your 40s, your face begins having small wrinkles and by the late 40, it gets more obvious so it is the perfect time to surprise the enemy and get a young skin as if you are in your 20s! However, having a facelift in the 50s is common too but you should know that at this age your face has loosened more and you have more wrinkles, plus your neck has wrinkles too. When you have a rhytidectomy in your 40s, you prevent your neck from reflecting your age and having wrinkles but in 50s, it already has happened and it is recommended to have a neck lift too. The difference between your neck and your face will be obvious and you may not have the perfect result you want.


In addition to the answers that we provided above for the question of the best age for this cosmetic surgery, you should pay attention to this fact that there are different methods for having a facelift in which your age is a very considerable factor. In different stages of your life, you will have different conditions of youth and beauty, and based on your age, wrinkles will show up. Doctors will choose specific methods of rhytidectomy based on your age.

When you decide to have a facelift surgery at these ages, the recommended areas that most doctors suggest are underneath the eyes, your smile lines, around your nose, jawline, and your neck area. After the doctor finishes the surgery and you pass the recovery time, you can have a rhytidectomy before and after comparison (all the doctors take before and after pictures) and see the result very obviously. 


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