How to Have a Beautiful Body in Less Than 2 Hours?

In this post, we will review a number of common cosmetic surgery procedures that could help you achieve a beautiful body as soon as possible.  Plastic Surgery | Grand Genesis Plastic Surgery | Toronto

What is Cosmetic Surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is a type of plastic surgery that aims to improve a person’s appearance and make a beautiful body in the fastest way. The results of surgery are almost permanent, so it is important to make sure it is the right decision. Seek help from the right specialist, and with the right motivation, you can have a beautiful body.

The surgeon may advise the patient before the operation if he/she believes that there is a fundamental problem that cannot be solved without surgery. 

Cosmetic surgery involves a variety of techniques used by cosmetic surgeons to reshape almost any part of the body. Through cosmetic surgery, patients can more effectively get rid of excess fat and skin that does not respond to diet and exercise. Having a beautiful body has many advantages that will affect our lifestyle too. There are different types of cosmetic surgery for different parts of the body, which we will describe below.

What is Liposuction?

Liposuction is an effective procedure to help contour your body and remove isolated areas of fat that cannot be managed through diet and exercise. Usually, one treatment is enough to reshape and contour the problem area and multiple areas can be treated in one procedure. Compared to Non-Invasive Procedures the results of liposuction are more consistent and predictable. It can be used to safely remove fat from virtually any area of the body; Neck, Arms, Legs, Hips, Waist, Thighs, Stomach.

Liposuction is not a weight control method and is not effective for treating cellulite.

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What is tummy tuck

What is Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)?

Compared to other parts of the body Abdominal fat may prove to be more stubborn and less responsive to diet and exercise. The problem can worsen as a result of pregnancy, massive weight loss, and aging.

A tummy tuck, also known as Abdominoplasty, is a body contouring procedure in which the apron of excess fat and loose skin around the abdomen is removed with an incision and, when needed, muscles in the abdominal wall are tightened for a flatter more toned abdomen. Abdominoplasty is usually offered as an individual procedure, however, it can be combined with other body lifting procedures.

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What is Lower Body Lifting?

Aging, sun damage, pregnancy, significant fluctuations in weight, and genetic factors contribute to poor tissue elasticity that can result in sagging skin in areas below the waistline.

Belt lipectomy or truncal body lift combines a tummy tuck, thigh, and buttock lift to remove loose hanging skin and fat from around the waist or “belt” line of an individual. Sometimes during a lower body lift the fat in the mid-section is transferred to restore the flattened buttocks and boost its appearance to a more youthful and projecting shape.

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What is Vaginoplasty?

The internal structure of the vagina may become lax and stretched due to childbirth, pregnancy, weight changes, and aging. Vaginoplasty (also known as posterior colporrhaphy, vaginal rejuvenation surgery, or vaginal tightening) is a surgical procedure meant to address this issue by tightening the female pelvic floor muscles surrounding the vagina. This surgical procedure is used for the patients with significant laxity of the vaginal canal who cannot benefit from the non-invasive alternative procedures that use radio-frequency waves or lasers to tighten the internal muscle and skin tissue.

Vaginoplasty can be combined with Labiaplasty and other genioplasty procedures and is meant to increase control over the pelvic muscles and provide more friction which can increase satisfaction during sexual intercourse for both partners.

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What is the Brazilian Buttock Lift?

The Brazilian Butt Lift (Autologous fat transfer) is an advanced form of fat grafting to Increase fullness, roundness, and projection of your butt or buttocks. It involves the transfer of fat from one area of the body into the tissues of the buttocks. It is often the preferred method of Buttock augmentation since it uses the body’s own tissues rather than a foreign silicone implant. For a smooth, natural-looking result fat injections are placed strategically deep within the tissues of the buttocks.

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What is Labiaplasty?

Labia minora reduction surgery is a procedure to help improve the aesthetic appearance of the external female genitalia. Genetically or due to aging and childbirth or infection, the inner lips of the vulva may increase in size or become asymmetrical. Labiaplasty, most commonly, is a procedure to trim this tissue. However, the procedure may be combined with a clitoral hood reduction and labia majora surgery (vaginal rejuvenation surgery).

If the structure of the genitalia is causing serious physical discomfort the procedure may be classified under reconstructive plastic surgery rather than a cosmetic procedure.

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What is Thigh Lift?

Weight loss or aging may leave the thighs with excess and sagging tissue that cannot be corrected with diet and exercise. Thigh lift surgery is a procedure to reshape and lift thighs by removing excess skin and liposuction from the inner and/or outer thighs. If you are concerned about excess fat in your thighs and your skin has adequate elasticity liposuction may be a better option for you which is much less invasive.

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There are different types of methods to have a beautiful body. Cosmetic surgery is the fastest way to shape your body. Choosing the best method is not simple. An experienced surgeon can help you to make the best decision. Ask your questions from our doctors. They will help you to find the best method for your aim. Call us now.

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